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It does not matter how we arrived on the shore of despair, because God’s love does not change. We will eventually arrive on the other side—the shore of joy in knowing Jesus deeper. Then, we respond to Calling Beyond Healing. by Inseong J. Kim 

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Inseong is an incredible and talented woman who writes from the depths of her heart that desires for women to sojourn on a warm path of healing despite the difficulties, travesties and tragedies that have resulted as a part of living in this broken world. -by Elizabeth Fair, Editor

As I was pursuing the healing, I was searching for the truth more intently than ever before. Learning the meaning of the ancient Hebrew alphabet inspired me and confirmed me deeper in knowing truth. As a lay minister, I am sharing a glimpse of the depth of the treasure in learning ancient Hebrew language. My deduction of understanding ancient Hebrew words is derived from various resources. This journey was my way of healing by learning deeper about the truth in the Bible. I hope that a little taste of the ancient Hebrew language brings us more hunger for the word of God. In the beginning, I wrote this book as a resource for myself and an aid in understanding the truth. As I was studying it, I could not keep it to myself and I would like to share it with you also so we can be blessed together.

 Our faith is not about what we are DOING, but believing what God has DONE for us. Wow! Hallelujah! When God allowed my sorrow and pain to bring me to the cross, I quietly knelt in His presence. I could not ask for the reason of my sorrow and suffering. There were no words before Him. I met a God who said that He loves me even to the death. Heaven is closer to me now than ever before. My son’s death connected me with the reality of sin and death, and led me closer to my only hope, Jesus Christ. Now, I am forgiven and have hope that will see Jesus and my son some day at a beautiful place where there is no more pain, no more tears and no more fear. Nothing can separate us from the Love of Christ.