Inseong J. Kim

Inseong is an incredible and talented woman who writes from the depths of her heart that desires for women to sojourn on a warm path of healing despite the difficulties, travesties and tragedies that have resulted as a part of living in this broken world. She shares her heart in a beautiful and personal way that will have even the best “picture perfect woman in Christ” resonating. One of my favorite stories she shares that I will keep close to my heart has to do with a pearl; an exquisite, unique, priceless pearl that can only be created from an ugly piece of dirt. There is no pretense in her writing as truth is intricately woven throughout the pages and into our hearts as God’s truth is brought into glorious light and his intentional plan and design for healing. Calling Beyond Healing takes it a step further and after recognizing the need and pursuing healing, what comes next? Growing in grace and humble knowledge for starters! Realistic benchmarks, bits of Hebrew, and digging into the very words of God and the stories He has been weaving for thousands of years are directly applicable today. She wonderfully meets the audience right where they are at, whether you are a veteran studier or just put on your reading glasses, there will be something for you to take home and knead through. This book offers an incredible journey of Hope and promise through the Bible, that the sun can shine brighter then Phoenix in the summertime if you allow the opportunity to take root! I have been honored and privileged to help edit and format Calling Beyond Healing and I have learned so much from Inseong herself and hold her in the highest regard. I excitedly encourage you to read this treasured book that holds the heart of a woman whose heart belongs to God and desires for you to live freely with eternal hope.By Elizabeth Fair Editor